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"I really would not call myself a fashion icon. I would call myself somebody who gets dressed by professionals. [It’s like], ‘Dance, monkey, dance’ right on the red carpet.’ I would call me more of a monkey.”

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Wed, 26th March  8558
The Hunger Games; catching fire; jennifer lawrence; Josh Hutcherson;

Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards 2013 & 2014

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Jennifer and I, the moment we met each other, there was this friendship that was unparalleled to any actor I’ve ever met before.

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The Hunger Games; jennifer lawrence; Josh Hutcherson;
Tue, 25th February  1344
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Fri, 21st February  2558
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"I just kind of opened up and said, ‘I feel like a rag doll. I have hair and makeup people coming to my house every day and putting me in new, uncomfortable, weird dresses and expensive shoes, and I just shut down and raise my arms up for them to get the dress on, and pout my lips when they need to put the lipstick on.’

Fri, 21st February  1248
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