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STOP EVERYTHING. HUNDRED OAKS #6 HAS A TITLE. I REPEAT HUNDRED OAKS #6 HAS A TITLE: JESSE’S GIRL by Miranda Kenneally coming to you (around) July 2015.

Can you tell I’m excited?? 😀

Sun, 14th September  1
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Losing it was a wonderful book and Cora Carmack kept the magic going through the series. And All Lined Up, the first installment in the Rusk University series, it’s right up there with some of her finest work.

You dive right into the story and really get to know the characters, even the secondary…

Mon, 08th September  1
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If you want to have a clandestine meeting you have to choose a clandestine location.

Fri, 05th September  859
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Couple Things: Nude Celebrity Photo Scandal - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Fri, 05th September  23
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Cap’n Quote: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Fri, 05th September  1323
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[Stylist Magazine] This queen was raised on Brazilian food!
"I can’t eat fish fingers and chips, I need a big plate of rice, brown beans and barbecued meat [Kaya’s mother is Brazilian]. I got into cooking when I was living with Elliot and four of his male friends. When they would play on the PlayStation I would get bored and cook with my mum on Skype. She would talk me through everything. I also do a mean Sunday roast.”

Fri, 05th September  1145
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A Stiff the first to jump? Unheard of.

Fri, 05th September  1783
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