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God I love this show. Expect this from me for this years Christmas.

Thu, 24th April  12
friends with better lives; FWBL; good tv;

"I wish you were in this room with me right now. I wish I could put my arms around you. I wish I could touch you." - Her, 2013

Thu, 24th April  3041
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Clueless (1995)
Thu, 24th April  8685
favorite movies; clueless; film; movie night; alicia silverstone; Paul Rudd;

"I guess Lancôme has been a part of my transition into becoming a young woman, so it’s amazing to work with them now. Their mantra is just like my own: make-up isn’t about adding things, it’s about enhancing your natural beauty to accentuate what you already have." 

Thu, 24th April  573
lily collins; fashion; beauty;


true friendship.

Thu, 24th April  8040
friends; Joey Tribbiani;
Thu, 24th April  1450
pretty little liars; behind the scenes; LOL;

black swan :: behind the scenes 

Thu, 24th April  999
black swan; natalie portman; behind the scenes; film;

Why can’t we do what the hell we like? Men can. They can sleep with women without getting a name for themselves, they can have careers…

YOU have a career.

Thu, 24th April  548
i miss you; The Hour; romola garai; favorite TV characters;

What do you want to say to that little girl? 

Thu, 24th April  255
my mad fat diary; rae earl;
Thu, 24th April  1920
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