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I hate when I’m on Goodreads and I see a giveaway someone entered and it’s awesome, but then I click on it and it’s open only to people in America.


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annabeth nass + outfits

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Available on RedBubble + Society6

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And now I can’t stop picturing it. Like, seriously, every time I look at her, I’m physically unable to stop picturing it.

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(by Baie.)

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But I’m still just a lanky dork. Ironically learning to box doesn’t make you any tougher, it just makes you realize that if you actually got into a real fight you’d probably get your ass kicked. 

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Jay Bell, Something Like Summer

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [2/5] favorite movies → Enchanted (2007) 
"Everybody has problems. Everybody has bad times. Do we sacrifice all the good times because of them?"
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